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Welcome To Motorwipers is owned by Kora Automotive International Nigeria Ltd. Our AIM is to provide good quality Wiper Blades, Headlight and Indicator Bulbs for the Nigerian market, We believe in clarity of VISION in everything we do. We will provide the best always to the Nigerian car user.

Bright & Clear is a trading name of Kora Automotive International Nigeria Ltd.

our products

Front Wiper Range

Select from our wide range of front wipers from 14 inches to 26 inches. Quality blades with 12 months warranty are available to you at a great price.

Halogen Bulb Series

Our complete halogen bulb series covers all headlamps and fog light of most cars, they come in clear, yellow and blue with watt between 35w to 100w. ultra bright lights for better visibility.

Rear Wiper Range

Sizes from 11 inches to 14 inches, type A, B, C and D wipers all available, also covered by our 12 warranty.

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Qeep Wiper Blades Combo Set - 24'' & 19''
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Qeep Rear Wiper Blade - 12A
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Qeep Wiper Blades Combo Set - 24'' & 16''
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our wipers fit 95% of all car models

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