About Our Products

Our wipers are all manufactured to the highest standard, Our wiper blades helps you maintain a clear safe view of the road ahead at highway speeds and in any weather condition in Nigeria, improved visibility all year round performance and extended use.
The ultra flat design attractive profile ensures even blade to windscreen pressure always. the distribution attributed to the integrated flexors providing optimal visibility.
Enhanced aero-acoustics reduce noise up to 3dB giving a quieter wiping performance. streaks, smears and misses are totally eliminated. get excellent windscreen contact, precision glass wiping and extremely silent action at a great price.


Improved corrosion prevention
Stainless steel spring vertebra (the spline) gives the rubber better support for even wipe
Teflon rubber blade technology for superior quality and performance
Wipe clearer, quieter and smoother
Our windscreen wipers are packed in easy to open curved blister packs and rear wipers in paper box
Pressed rubber for longevity and better wiping performance
sizes from 14 inches to 26 inches
Stainless steel rivets on all bridges to increase service life